Exit Planning Process

We help you to clearly and concisely determine your exit goals and objectives. This begins with WHEN you want or need to exit, the value you want or need from the business, and the identification of who you want to transition
ownership to?

We help you to objectively determine how much your business is worth today (ask us about we help you save money in this step!). How much cash flow is your company currently generating? How much income do your non-business assets
produce? We’ll help you make projections for planning purposes.

How can you increase your business value? How can you protect your value from the actions of others? We share preservation strategies with you designed to minimize income taxes.

Are you interested in selling to a Third Party? Transferring ownership to a family member(s)? Transitioning ownership interests to key employee(s)? We identify the pros and cons of each of these alternatives so you have a true understanding of the net return you can expect from all of them.

We help you to coordinate your business continuity planning needs with your lifetime objectives defined in Step 1. This is critical to insure that your goals are met, whether you survive to see your business exit or not!

Lastly, we coordinate your personal wealth and estate plans with your business goals and objectives defined in Step 1. This enables us to ensure that your family receives the amount of annual income necessary to satisfy the financial security goal you set in our first step.